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The home / Inn was built in 1862 by a local business man and over time the home was a destination to provide travelers a boarding house traveling through the area. It housed seminary students that came to Parrottsville's seminary school. Around the 1900's, the Dawson family bought the home and also boarded some travelers that worked on the highway. The most talked about stories are still here today. Local children reminisce about the first phone that the town of Parrottsville had was here at the old Dawson home pillow fights and slumber parties were the talk of the old home giggles and laughter were the memories of the old home. After a couple of owners and a lot of renovations, Raymond and Cindy Robinson move from Birmingham, AL to Parrottsville TN in 2006 and bought the old home and started Sweet Dream's bed and breakfast. The business was started and the old home had a new purpose. Two years later the decision was made to re look at the bed and breakfast to re-market and improve the Inn and make it a solid feature of the wonderful town of Parrottsville.

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